American Dreamers Radio
June 26th, 2006, 5:00pm Central Time

with Host: BJ Dohrmann

and Celebrity Guest: David Stanley

IBI's coast-to-coast live Radio Broadcasting. Every market and every Graduate worldwide can tune in to the Monday LIVE broadcast for IBI by clicking for the radio LIVE LINK. When you "click to listen" you will hear the radio show as it is being broadcast on air. The live radio product is a GRADUATE BENEFIT OPPORTUNITY.


  • Graduates may phone in live to the national broadcast at 866-382-2424 (866-3822IBI)
  • Graduates will be interviewed on their projects
  • Graduates are asked to pay attention to the on-air questions in the interview staying on the question topics
  • Graduates are asked to turn their radio broadcast off during calls and be in a totally quiet room. You will be LIVE on AIR nationwide radio
  • One airtime feature per quarter, per grad, per project please .

IBI radio will feature grad projects and display them to the entire nation. IBI radio will also ask the audience to email and call to give solutions to the grad ON THE SPOT. We anticipate, after the show becomes known, the call lines will get jammed. Keep phoning back on redial - we want to feature everyone possible on air.

Every Monday, graduates can feature their projects to the nation. Coast-to-Coast.

American Dreamers Radio live Nationwide.

Special Celebrity Guest this Monday

About David Stanley


David Stanley is a Film Producer, brother to Elvis Presley & CEO of Impello Films. Impello Films is poised to release "The Head Hunter," a motion picture written and produced by David Stanley. The film depicts David and his brother, Elvis Presley. David has appeared on Larry King Live this year and last year regarding the projects that are now fully funded and in production following IBI's 905. David, a lifetime IBI faculty member, is teaching at the upcoming IBII class 706. David will share his dream, vision and unstoppable spirit with all American Dreamers Monday, June 26th, 2006, at 5:00 pm Central time. We hope you will share David Stanley's celebrity appearance LIVE with your email and group lists. Our website provides call signs for radio stations nationwide as well as the click and play via your computer anywhere. Call in. David, a Fortune 500 coach and IBI success story, will coach you live this Monday (866) 382-2424. Watch for David Stanley's THE HEADHUNTER a celebration of dream making in America coming soon to a theater near you. From Larry King to American Dreamer Live with BJ Dohrmann Monday bringing you the Elvis Presley Story as you have never heard it before. Make a note 6:00 PM East Coast and 3:00 PM West Coast - from Hawaii to Spain join us on American Dreamers Radio.