Monday, January 7th, 2008: LIVE with BJ Dohrmann
American Dreamers Radio
Monday 5:00pm Central Time

Call in to the show toll free 866-382-2IBI (2424) share what your doing and what you need next on air.
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American Dreamers Radio, which is a division of www.CEOSpace.NET and www.CEOSpace.BIZ, produces a unique audience participation, live reality radio show. Host BJ Dohrmann brings celebrity guests into the mix to help feature “call in dreamers” and their real life dreams LIVE while the show is on air. The audience is asked to call in or email to help each dreamer to make their dream come true. The help might be branding, packaging, marketing, administration, fiscal help, investment, new ideas, board positions or partnership positions, anything and everything when the MAGIC of that next ON AIR DREAM becomes a blessing in your life and the that one true spirit in all of us compels you to take action. Make that call. Email that dreamer. Live!

A television program based on American Dreamer's Radio is being brought to market at the present time. Online video tapes and click and play information at the www.CEOSpace.NET website can help listeners attend free workshops in cities everywhere hosted every week for networking, capital, contacts, markets and more. CEO Space's five super retreats are featured on short "click and play" videos on the website shown here. If you are seeking customers or capital, click and play one or more videos on this site.

American Dreamer Host BJ Dohrmann may be speaking in your city soon. Click to see. (CEO Space is looking for club sponsors who would like to open CEO Space Dreamer Clubs in cities everywhere. Call 256-774-5444, ext 10 to find out where BJ Dohrmann is speaking next.

American Dreamer Radio is available in all cities worldwide via our free TV web site - anytime you click. On-going help for dreamers appears on this live TV station - one of the most positive broadcast channels on earth. Tune in anytime.

A major motion picture is moving BJ Dohrmann's books Perfection Can Be Had and Super Achiever MindSets to the BIG SCREEN. Coming soon.

All products advertised on American Dreamers Radio can be purchased at the via the CEO Space Mall Store link or click here to go directly to the Mall Store for service. Thanks for letting us serve you in this way. Tell friends to join us live on Mondays - the world you change improves the world for all of us.

American Dreamer's Radio is broadcast live Coast-to-Coast on a growing number of national radio networks at 5 pm Central time every Monday. Ask your station to carry American Dreamer's. For CEO Space Career opportunities, Click, under career.


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